She knew just as well as anyone. He was toxic. The way he laughed like there was something stuck in his throat, the way he never talked about his past, that was how she knew. Something was off. But he has chosen Her. Of all of people, he had chosen her. When he could’ve asked anyone he wanted, he still chose her. Her sisters didn’t like him, they said he seemed fake, strange. They were just jealous, they had to be jealous. Otherwise…. She couldn’t finish the thought. She loved him, of course she did. Whenever he brought her flowers or chocolates, her heart leaped like a butterfly in flight. Or maybe it was like a a sick butterfly, flapping its wings as it died. Sometimes he yelled at her, sometimes he slapped her, but he always apologized. Always. He wasn’t a bad boyfriend. He loved her. She has lucky to have him. But why did she feel so trapped if she was in love?

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