And she asked, “How can you stand to get so close to my face?” And he responded softly, “Because you are beautiful.” The kiss was long and perfect; it was like something out of a movie. I wish that the love we felt in that moment could have been captured in glass and frozen for an eternity, but alas every time I start to believe that I’ve found the one to save me from my sorrow I’m left all alone in the end.

“Please don’t leave me all alone.” He took my hand and said, “I’m not gonna leave you.” I cried, kissed his arm like I always used to, and ran my fingers through his hair for the last time. He did leave me. I could still see him standing down the street, but he left me all alone on the corner of the sidewalk. We were only friends. That word forbid me to ever be held, kissed, touched, or loved by him ever again. I’m alone once again.

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