Kupier Cowboy: Straight Flush

Remmi looked at his hand and grimaced. He was already down 2000 credits and couldn’t afford to lose any more. Hell, he thought, I had to spend most of what we made on the Europa job on repairs to the ship and myself. Remmi’s finger twitched; his circuits still weren’t all performing at 100%.

The betting came back around the table to Remmi and he had been re-raised 500. He held the 4 through 7 of spades and a 10 of clubs, a losing hand for sure. He spoke in a cool mechanical voice, “Raise to 1000”. As the betting proceeded around the table he concentrated on his cards. The club went blurry for a second and became an 8 of spades. A straight flush should do the trick. If he had been human he would have smiled.

The betting ended. As Remmi suspected, no one had a hand that would beat his. He laid down his cards, “straight flush boys, guess I win again”. Curses were muttered around the table. All eyes turned to him as the light went on that indicated tampering with the game. Then things got interesting.

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