The Ocean

The ocean is a wonderful place full of waves and majestic creatures. One hardly realizes that something so gorgeous could kill you. Leo and Marissa had spent almost every day on their North Carolina beach since they were hardly old enough to walk. They had dreamed of marine biology since first grade and the only thing that could keep them from their precious ocean was the rare occasion of a hurricane. And so, every day, they came to the beach. Somewhere along the way, they grew older. It was no longer cool to have stuffed animals or play dress up. Every one teased them for being friends, saying that they must be in love since they hung out so often. Eventually, the rumors were true. They didn’t care what anyone thought, they had each other and a big, blue ocean to call home. And whenever a problem arose, they would go to the ocean and study tide pools together.
It was their senior year of high school. Marisa had already bought her prom dress, a silky turquoise to match her eyes and her love of the ocean.

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