Her twin sister wasn’t coming back. Every day on the news, that dumb blonde reporter said that the police were so close to finding her, that they found a new lead every day. But Elisa knew. As soon as a more exciting story came up, they would forget all about Anna. This was the worst way for Anna to end. She would be all alone,forgotten in strange, dark place, and no one would know where or when. Every time Elisa imagined it, it brought tears to her eyes. Her parents had tried to be optimistic, to pretend everything was okay, even when it obviously wasn’t. Anna wasn’t coming back. They say twins have a certain sense, that was the only way Elisa could explain what she was sure she knew. But even though Anna wasn’t coming back, Elisa still sat by the window every night, hoping to see Anna climb in through the window after a night of partying. It would be healthier to let go, to accept Anna was probably dead. But there was still a part of Elisa that dreamed of seeing anna again. Even when Anna was gone. Forever.

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