When you don’t risk anything, you risk more. That used to be my life.
Hiding in the shadows, not making friends. It was a lonely life. One of thought and contemplation, but not feelings. On the rare occasion that I was invited to a party, I politely turned it down in favor of watching Sherlock with my pet dog, Poppy. It went on for a long time, years of near isolation, married to my work. Then he came in to my life and everything changed. I didn’t try to find him. He found me at the corner of 121st and Ashbury, as I was walking to the bookstore where I worked. He bumped into me, knocking the precious books out of my hands and into the street. I had exploded with anger, treating him as a small child that needed to be reprimanded.
“How dare you!” I had screeched.
He had merely said sorry and chuckled to himself. He opened the door to Chapter One, strolling in, and not bothering to open for the door for me, although I obviously had my hands full…. To be Continued.

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