Dressed to Die

It was the time of year when leaves turn gold and scarlet, almost but not quite ready to free fall into oblivion.

I love that dress! No offence but I never thought you’d pull off burnt orange especially when Have we met? Your eyes

I hadn’t wanted to go but she insisted, and being her brother I felt a sort of compulsion to attend her 24th birthday.

Is that Nick? I haven’t seen him since there’s too much gold, too much red, blood red You look like you could use a drink I’m sure we’ve met

The ticking of the clock was in my head always, the waiting for the end of the night.

What’s 24 Alexander the Great unconquerable he looks like bad news I don’t think you should I’ve got to have you

When I got outside the leaves weren’t in the tree but drifting in the night breeze.

Such a good party, the music’s really has anyone seen Don’t you like the music? I can’t find He does have a golden voice I should be getting back wait don’t

At dawn blood red leaves covered the ground.

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