The Ice Cream

Bill was driven wild with the pressure.
His friends taunted him, “Hurry up, loser! Just get the mint ice cream!”
It was the most important decision of his life and he couldn’t decide.
He loved the sweet tang of mint on a warm summer day. His friends had already chosen mint and if he didn’t choose soon, they would leave him behind. But his grandma’s favorite had been chocolate chip. He had associated blissful childhood memories with the chocolaty taste. He loved both flavors, like a mother loves both of her children.
“What’ll it be, kiddo?” The man working the register queried.
“This is taking forever!!!!” A child waiting in the line complained.
“Ummm… Uh,” Bill stammered. “Can I have both? A scoop of mint and a scoop of chocolate chip?”
Bill paid for the ice cream and pranced towards his friends with his double scoop cone. The best of both worlds.

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