Knowledge Is Worth It

Forget everything you ever thought you knew.

Crack your skull open and let us see the brilliance. Red and orange and purple spewed out—and we didn’t know what to do! You slept and slept, so we picked up the pieces and shoved them in our ears.

If only we could think like you.

“Maybe if we eat it, our body will absorb the wisdom,” said a man, on his hands and knees licking like a cat at the spillings of your cranium.

But then I realized, our desire for knowledge and growth as humans was gone about my retreating to our primitive ways. Could we ever reach the peak of intelligence? Or if we think we do—what if it’s more than what we wanted? Too much of anything is bad.

These thoughts quickly dissipated and I was palmed a scoop of your brain pudding.

I found myself stuffing my mouth with your insides and joined the others.

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