A Burgundy Tail

“The woman wearing the trench coat and fedora. It’s her.” Burgundy whispered, watching the woman from across the street.

Her earpiece crackled, “Heading to the train station?”

“That’s her.” She said as she got up and began following the woman through the busy street.

Burgundy continued to follow, feeling nervous, like someone was following her as well. She gritted her teeth, and kept moving, refusing to let the mysterious woman out of her sight again.

“She doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would be labeled as Interpol’s Most Wanted.” Her earpiece sighed.

“This woman wasn’t given the name “Evanescence” for no reason." Burgundy hissed back.

But as Burgundy was looking at the woman cross the street, she tumbled slightly as she was shoved from behind. Her heart raced as she realized what happened. But it was too late as she scanned the street. Evanescence had known she was being followed. And she had vanished from sight in a split second.

“This woman is starting to annoy me.” Burgundy growled.

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