I was getting creeped out.
When I was walking my dog, this man was walking behind me. I assumed he just wanted some exercise. When I got out of the elevator of my apartment building, he was there. When I went to Starbucks to get a bagel and coffee, he was also there. And then, when I left for work, he was behind me. I walked into Panera’s and put on my apron and hair net. There was no reason to ruin my favorite shirt.
Only two more weeks, I thought, until I would own my very own restaurant.
I was hoping the man had left. I peeked out from the counter. But he was waiting in line to order.
Lucy, my co-worker, told me to take over the counter, that she needed a break. I reluctantly walked over to the counter. The man was first in the line now. The strangest thing was that when I asked him what he wanted to order, he seemed to have no idea. Almost as if he hadn’t planned on ordering anything. Almost as if he was more focused on something else, like a person. I must be imagining it….

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