More about the Stalker

I started walking, and soon, I was inside Chipotle. I waved at my friend. I didn’t see the man. She did.
“Who’s that?” she asked.
Oh no. Him again. I must have said it out loud because then she asked me if I was going to be ok by myself for a few minutes while she went to the bathroom.
“I guess”, I had answered.
Isabel had not been gone for more than 3o seconds when the man approached me. I involuntarily shuddered. He stopped walking and stared at me until it felt uncomfortable.
Then he opened his mouth. And he asked me if he could take take a picture of me.
“no!” I cried, so loudly that people in nearby tables turned around. I quieted my voice. I half expected this man to kidnap me. But he didn’t. He just stared at me with these big,sad eyes, and it was apparent that he couldn’t be much older than 50, life just hadn’t treated him well. “You look just like my Josephine,” the stalker said.

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