online scoreboard: lioness lady vs. crazy guy

The guy in the corner is talking to himself again and it’s putting everyone on edge.

There’s a woman across the room who seems to be looking for any excuse to use her twitchy trigger-finger and she’s eyeing him up like he’s the weakest member in a herd of zebra and she’s a lioness ready to feast.

There are people polishing their guns all around. If they aren’t brandishing their weapons like a nonverbal threat then they’re sobbing all over the place. I did my sobbing earlier, and it kind of feels like I’ve run out of things to do because my phone ran out of battery ten minutes ago and I probably shouldn’t have spent those ten minutes playing Angry Birds.

It’s nice to know that internet online scoreboards were still around in the zombie apocalypse though.

I doubt we’re going to “learn to work together” though. It’s pretty Twilight Zone how this is going to work out: we’re all going to go batshit insane and have a few Lord of the Flies, ‘boy that escalated quickly’ moments and lioness lady will kill us all.

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