Double Vision (Superhero Black Hole, Pt. 123)

Zoe smiled, her eyebrows arching. “Still with us, I see.”

“Uhhhhhh…” I grunted.

Zoe stepped out from behind me and wagged a finger at Zoe. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”


Zoe paid Zoe no mind and turned to me. “You okay? You didn’t take that shift very well…”


At this point I noticed that this Zoe had her hair parted down the opposite side of her head. “Sorry to do this you so soon after a jump, and especially after one as rough on you as that one was, but it’s not safe to be here for very long.” She helped me to my feet, apologizing for when I slipped, and ushered us down into a hole in the wall of an abandoned building. I noted that I liked this new Zoe.

“What a dump,” said Zoe.

Other!Zoe turned on a small palm-light that she produced from her pocket and shined it through the building. “Maybe,” she replied, “but looks can be deceiving.” She stopped at a random spot in the wall. It looked like she was dialing the combination to a safe, but there was no handle.

The wall opened.

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