The whispering of the waves

I am drowning.

The more I struggled the more the waves pull me down with them. A sense of urgency and fear filled me. A need to escape course through my head again and again.

Could it be possible to vomit? I could feel the bile slowly rise up leaving a trail of acid. Is it possible to scream? Yet my mouth stayed shut. Could it be possible to cry? No tears formed as the waves swirl around me harshly, tangling my hair in its wake.

I struggled harder, fighting off the waves that try to bring me down.

My chest hurts and I can’t breathe. Slowly, my heart stopped. The life in my limbs has gone out long ago in the struggle leaving it sore and painful when I move. I opened my mouth to scream for the last time. A puff of air left my lips in place of my voice.

“There really was no need to struggle.” the waves whispered in a lulling voice. I let them take its course. Bringing me down with them.

Closing my eyes, I dreamed.

I am drowning in my emotions again.

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