You take my hand. You pull.
I emerge.
In time we see little reason not to hold one another.
We look at the wall and we can see my former chamber. We cannot see the wall.
We are content.
We are not alone any more.
Things get better for us.

One day we will have no fear.
One day, the caves will be a plain, a meadow. And picnicking on the green will be our many friends.
A great many loving friends.
This is a fantasy
but it could be reality
If we can dig ourselves out of our caves,
Or if someone cares enough
To tunnel through, to drill through
To Reach Through To Us

Being alone is safe in a way; we are only hurt by ourselves.
But we have nobody to protect us from our own relentless bruiting and bruising.

Better to be loved by another
And slowly learn how to love ourselves
by example

by example and by patience.

We would like to come and keep you company. Have we the right of way? Will you let us in? We are not dangerous, but we know you may fear everyone.
But please, let us join you. Join us.

We love you.

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