Three Word Prompt Interwrit1 Wendy: graceful, secret and melody

My daughter, three,
dances for me,
to a secret, graceful melody.

And she hums so sweetly,
And moves her feet,
To a secret, graceful melody.

Oh, what tune can she hear
With her mind’s inner ear?
Does she waltz to a magical band?
Oh, the sounds that we find
On the stage of our mind
Always lead to a ballet that’s grand!

And my daughter delights
To the bright, shining lights
As she sways to the graceful melody,

And she knows in the crowd
That her father cheers loud
For his cheerful, graceful Emily

Let the music play on
From the night till the dawn!
She’ll perform for her Daddy tonight.
For the music will end
As it always does, friend;
We all age. It is sad, but it’s right,

And she’ll stop and be shy
When she learns that I’m nigh
Oh my growing, lovely Emily!
Will she want me around
When her light feet touch down?
Will she always be my family?

It’s the end of that lovely and graceful and innocent
Sweet magic secret….
Melody. . . .

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