Her older brother, Dash, always helped her when she was confused or scared. And the twins were the sweetest little beings. The twins,they could be anywhere now. Silly boys, they had decided to be heroes. At 15, Ryder&Zayn joined the war. Her mother became an army nurse, her father trained young soldiers. Aria became a soldier.
But nothing ever came out of war,war twisted your mind and blackened your heart, changed who you were.
Aria was 17. She had no interest in anything feminine. She didn’t want to be a cook, or a secretary, or a school teacher. And she definitely didn’t want to be a soldier now.
Because of war. Because of what happened to Kane.
She loved Kane, he loved her.
They had fought in the war together, side by side.
She could still remember firing a gun, ending a life.
And failing to save another.
Every night, the flashbacks came.
Pitch black. A shot rings out, Kane crumples to the ground.
I shot him.
The endless spiral controlled her.
Reality faded into her imagination.
War had ruined her.

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