Conflictual Action

THX rolled his eyes and plopped down at the table, “There you go again, HSAR, rushing off to the adventure.” He propped his black boots on the table and scrutinized the chandelier.

A bit sheepishly HSAR adjusted his top hat and brass rimmed goggles, “At least it’s something. At least I haven’t grown lazy.”

“Now gentlemen, friends, peace. Peace. Contention blows as an ill wind,” Tad intoned rhythmically from the head of the stony table. He looked as if about to continue, or perhaps it wasn’t a dramatic cessura. It was hard to tell.

Hands in the air frantically, Princess cried, “But we have to do something!”

Calm as a Summer day Elsha reassured, “And we will…”

“Right, I’m off to the lake! Who’s with me?” HSAR challenged hotly. THX stood and moved slowly for the door, to which HSAR remarked, “Oh, so now you’re up for the lake?”

“No,” THX tossed, “You go to the lake; I go to the well.” With an absent wave of his hand he called back, “The rest…do as you think best. Allez avec Dieu et tout ca.”

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