Where Are My Adoring Fans?!?!

Policemen with their weapons drawn appeared in a matter of moment. The office temp cowered under the desk, screaming for him not to hurt her. How does one get brand recognition as a superhero? Were are the crowds of on-lookers who know (and love) the Brown Bean for striking down those who finish off the office coffee WITHOUT making another batch!?! Why is that office temp crying?!? Why did the officer put those handcuffs on so tightly?! Is it possible superheros to soil themselves? I guess the brown costume paid off afterall. Anyway. Today will get better. Maybe after they book me, I can call Mom for bail. Until then, I may have to rethink this superhero calling. Maybe I need more money….and a butler…or maybe a cooler car. What would the Brown Bean drive to the scene of the crime?

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