No Com(promise)s

Who but you would lie until you can’t feel your bones
Or your lungs
Or your eyeballs in your head
Or the worst-heart
Your worst-heart rots & sinks through the pillars of candied flesh
Inside of you
What is really left inside of you?
Just like a mouth full ofsugar
your lies collect in your brightest tooth, gleaming
Only for the world to investigate—to think-& find the rotting fromthe inside out
You’re hatred is marked by the simplest of forms
Loyalty—blood & loyalty will save you from this fire
But I’m surrounded by wisemen & I tell you no
I shan’t be blinded by the light of the day or by the gleam of your tooth or thebend of your tongue or the tears you claim toshed
I refuse toatch you lie
You send us the photos-memories of months past-to save yourself
You expect us to just see our father, happy&alive-sick but surviving
& shed you of all blame?
You’re wrong &now you’ll know
A three page letter copies of records &are irrelevant &photos of Daddy fishing won’t do it
Get the fuck out of our lives&leave us alone

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