Day 2
Scientist’s Log

Venturing out onto the cooled lava flow, I took several pictures and collected samples. The air was stagnant with heat from both above and below. My cooling suit barely kept my body temperature near normal. Sweat ran down my back as I lifted my bag of light weight stones. The oppressive heat made them seem far heavier.

Back in the tiny trailer that served as both lab and home, the air conditioner hummed loudly. The samples were magnificent, iridescent, opaque, smooth and rough, some with crystals, some with striated bands. Classifying them would be a task for later.

I re-hydrated with a tall glass of water from the mini-fridge and considered a dried package of fruit to celebrate.

There was a knock , a bit too roughly, on the trainer door.

“Ya descent?”

Ugh. Gil wished I wasn’t descent. He always knew when I had just gotten back from a collection. I think he wanted to catch me in the shower, or changing.

“Yes, Gil. Come in.” He never heard the annoyance in my voice.

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