Can't Get A Good Night's Sleep In An Epic Life

“You have the heart for it,” he’d said. Kira pondered what that might mean. He toyed with the golf-ball sized yellow diamond at the end of a golden chain around his neck as he lay on his mat.

It was strange not hearing his mother darning socks, stoking the fire, and preparing for bed also. He gazed across the dark one-room house to her empty cot. She’d just left on his horse on a great quest. He’d just returned victorious from one. It was funny how only a year ago he was playing with wooden swords and never even imagined petting a horse, let alone owning and riding one.

He sighed and rolled over, his back to the embers softly glowing in the fireplace. His bruised body needed rest, whether his mind could stop worrying about his Mother or not. He knew she was safe on his horse, and she was a good fighter as he had been surprised to learn. She’ll be fine.

The diamond began to feel warm in his hand. He took comfort in it somehow and fell asleep only to be wakened by the scent of smoke minutes later.

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