A Letter Inspired By The Septimus Heap Series

Dear Mistress Marcia,

I regret to inform you that when you read this letter I will have been missing for 24 hours. It is not my fault and I was not trying to skip my magic history exam. A ghost told me to meet her at the pier at midnight. She was a former Queen, and you can’t disobey a Queen.

I fell in the river, trying to see what she claimed was my destiny. I was rescued by a crazy old man who took me through a secret passageway to a mirror. It was one-way into the past. I assume I have a terrible quest and some magic to learn from the ancients because it seems to be 500 years in the past.

If you would so kindly find the mirror with my reflection in it and say the magical enchantment to release me, I’d be ever so happy. I’m not liking not having indoor plumbing, and the masters are ever so much crueler to their apprentices.

I promise to obey and be the best student in all my future lessons,


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