The Shark Fighter

The Great white local super villain crashes through the ceiling of the local shopping mall. His partner in crime Hammerhead complains that the door was open the whole time.

The Great White ignores this, and points to all the happy people in the mall, everyone immediately recognizes his sluggish good looks and are all starstruck to have a local celebrity. Feeling hungry the great white feels like eating someone, after all he is a growing carnivore and needs to satisfy his hunger. Just when he chooses a very happy fan, who else but the local super hero Oil Spill shows up, the Great White has no idea who she is, but she means business, as she arms her harpoon gun and fires a warning shot.

Impressed by her audacity of her first strike, the great white unleashes his hench men upon her, only to be quickly defeated, by her spread of oil, which blasts Hammerhead and the Great White out of the mall and back into the deep blue sea. Oil Spill is annoyed when she finds GW’s phone number left behind asking for a date.

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