So hard... So confused...

You confused me again. I knew I could not continue being your friend or even… loving you anymore. We are just like two parallel lines that would never cross together. It would be better to just stop right now. I was afraid someday I cannot help falling into the trap you set. I tried my best to keep our distance and ignore everything about you. However, now I realized how innocent I was to think I can forget you easily. When you told me how much you need me that day, the wall in my heart was totally disintegrated. I knew you needed me because “she” hurt you a lot. You needed a “friend” to help you get over it. Maybe, time will heal all the wounds she brought to you but how about the wounds you brought to me? I really don’t know what to do. I just want to breathe and laugh again but somehow it seems so hard…. I am so confused.

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