Scott licked his fingers. “Most important thing in a donut is cream. Or jelly."

“You kidding? The best donuts are glazed, hot out of the fryer.” Travis took a big bite of his second donut. It was still warm.

“No, no,” Scott leaned back in his chair, folding his arms over his chest. “A donut isn’t a real donut without cream or jelly!”

“That just ruins it.” Travis stared hard at Scott. “You can’t be serious, can you?”

A bark of laughter preceded Scott’s reply. “I wouldn’t kid about something as important as donuts.”

“Why would you take something perfectly good and ruin it with gooshy filling? That’s just wrong.”

Before Scott could answer, a woman’s voice piped up from the radio on his shoulder. “Attention all units, Code 015 at 110 Linden Street.”

Scott and Travis exchanged a look. It was a block away.

Scott held up both hands. “I took the last call.”

“Fine.” Travis stuffed the remainder of his donut into his mouth and stood, shaking his finger at Scott. “We’ll finish this conversation later.”

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