The first drop fell just as I took the first bite into my bologna sandwich. More drops followed quickly behind it. The air around me exploded with shrieks and squeals. People sprang into activity – picking up blankets, stuffing things back into baskets, collecting children.

“What a shame, what a disappointment.” One of the older ladies hurried by. I didn’t even know she could move that fast, and I’d been going to the same church all my life. She was dragging her granddaughter by the hand. The little girl was more concerned with the cookie she held in her other hand than with keeping up with her grandmother.

Rain was falling steadily now, and the meadow cleared quickly. It had only been moments since I felt the first drop on the top of my head, and now I was almost soaked.

I brushed the hair back from my forehead and, smiling, took another bite of my sandwich.

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