You Fell Away From Me

The thing is we could have been anything,
You and I, we could have been everything,
But now you’re gone, and now we’re not anything
at all.
It wasn’t hard, it felt like a fairy tale,
Nothing forced, it was easy to fall for you,
Now I see, you’ve got some growing up
to do.

I wish I never had to have these doubts,
After all these ins you fell right out,
Now I’m all alone,
No one here,
Missing you,
Nothing clear…

You stole my heart, I’m taking it back again,
My whole life, it’s going to be mine again,
You don’t see because you’ve been blinded,
I’m better off.

You and I, we could have had everything,
But I didn’t see the part where you broke up with me,
Now after all, it looks like I have some growing up
to do.

My heart will mend, yours won’t have to,
You didn’t have it stolen and ripped away from you,
maybe one day it will fall apart

I hope it’s true.

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