“Hey, Sampson, I need your help over here.” Greg yelled over his shoulder. Sampson was his best friend, an alien. Greg was from earth. They had met in an intergalactic prison where criminals charged with crimes that exceeded the death sentence were held. They were both innocent, and managed to escape together.

Sampson walked over to where Greg was crouched, peering through a pair of binoculars. “Look, those big ass apes are guarding our escape pad, the one we crashed here in.” Sampson looked in the direction the binoculars were pointed. He could see without them, as his vision was 100x better than his human counterpart.

“Those are Numarians, class 10, they have no relation to the primate earth species you are referring to.”

“I knew that I was just – Nevermind. How are we going to get down there?”

“Our altitude is drastically higher than the target.”

“Really? I had no idea…”

“Is something wrong? I would think our position, in relation to our objective would be obvious.”

Greg sighed.

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