Wendy Thomas-Silver

She thought of herself as the simple girl next door who happened to have inherited her Father’s thriving fast-food stand and her Mother’s red hair.

She was proud of her Father, who, never having grandparents to spoil him had learned the value of a dollar and hard work. He built his company from the ground up and nothing pleased him more than to name it after his daughter. He taught her everything about it. She had worked there since the tender age of 15.

When she was 19 she met John Silver. At first there was a huge rivalry. She came running into her Father’s study, eyes aflame, burning her cheeks to match her hair. “Daddy! That man is building a fast food company right next door! The nerve!”

Her Father had assured her that there were plenty of people who wanted both a good hamburger and tasty fried fish. Wendy cooled off and as she fought the pirate, he only came on stronger.

Looking back, he was the only man who could have ridden the waves of her fiery passion. How she loved him!

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