Wrong Place?

“Ah, please come in, I have been expecting you.”
“Sir, who are you, why am I here?”
“Not so fast. Please come closer, my son.”
“Where am I? …Your son?”
“Where do you think here is?”
“White floor, bright light, calm atmosphere. It means something…”
“Boy, you are in heaven.”
“Come again?”
“You’ve died by car accident. Before you died, you prayed for me. So I sent them brought you here to me.”
“You must be kidding. That means you are…”
“That’s right.”
“Oh my…I’m dead!”
“It seems so.”
“But I’ve done so many terrible things. I killed people. You should send me to hell.”
“It’s ok. I forgive you. They will forgive you.”
“No, seriously, you should send me down there.”
“My son, you are not that bad. What else have you done?”
“If you want me to list it out. It would be seven series of Harry Potter.”
“…I’ll think of it.”

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