INTERWRIT2 Exercise: Sequel to a Stranger B10041019 Eddie

stranger’s article:

“We have to lead a team to the Sun-moon Lake!” The chief sowed up suddenly in the yard, with his dirty hands.
One of the villagers looked at his hands bewilderedly.
“Why, what happened to you?” It was a man with curly hair.
“Because, Peter, my fish were all dead!” The chief yelled, throwing her hands up in despair.
Every villager stood up swiftly, loud voices erupting all together.
“How were the fish all dead?” I saw the fish were all fine yesterday. Chief ‘s wife asked.
“At first, I thought the cats in our village did this cruel thing. But when I wake up for pissing, I saw Peter ran away from my yard in a flurry. Therefore, I kept pace with him and finally caught him. I asked, “What are you doing?” He answered, I am very hungry, so… ”

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