"Five Senses" challenge Chain

The darkness of a deep forest.
Sometimes, I dreamed that I walked into a deep and dark forest alone. At first, I could barely see anything in the forest. And then, I saw a variety of animals, such as a python, an orangutan, some strange flowers with red color, and so forth. I also heard the wail of eagles. All of these made me very scared and helpless. The more deeply I walked into the forest, the more mysterious atmosphere I felt. When I almost reached the deepest part of the forest, all I saw was nothing but darkness. Few seconds later, I heard the murmur of water; therefore, I kept walking with fear. As it turned out, it was a huge waterfall and I was on the top of it. While I was admiring the majesty of this waterfall, the ground I was on suddenly collapsed and I fell down to a wide river. After it, I just woke up from this weird journey with a kiss from my girlfriend. I was so relieved.

The hering of voice
The brightness of the sun
The feeling of touching skin
The taste of medicine
The smell of oil

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