Understanding Nothing

Nothing hurled the priceless ornamental vase through the window. The vase remained where it was, the window unbroken. Nothing tried again. There was, as before, no consequence.

A book of physics and philosophy sat on the shelf. But because nothing read it – because nothing had read it for a very long time – it was covered in dust.

Nothing cared about the paradox of the vase and the window. Nothing understood that there WAS a paradox. When something hurls a priceless vase through a window, neither vase nor window are the same afterwards. When nothing does it, they’re unchanged. Why?

Nothing found the answer on page 19, which was odd, because at that moment, nothing was reading page 91. Even more oddly, neither page 19 nor page 91 had anything to say on the matter.

The book described a Nothing void of all qualities – even potentiality – because there was nothing to determine what it had the potential to BE.

But how could nothing determine what it had the potential to be, if it couldn’t even break a window?

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