Essence of Pain

So delightful is the way that death can seem so sweet, that regret can be so perfect, and that sadness can seem so pure. I long for all the ways that suffering makes my life so poignantly desirable. However, one must be young, full of lust and divine sin in order to truly understand the beauty in sorrow.

Pain can be so beautiful, yet most people thrive off of happiness; they don’t see that we need the sickness, the suffering, to live. Children with more hurt in their lives than others could comprehend, drink in the throbbing ache that is supposed to bring them down, and they make it wonderful. When we are young, we tend to accept the disease that breaks us down; sometimes, we even hunger for it.

The thought of something malicious and evil entices us, and although we may fail to admit or even realize it, these thoughts, fears, and feelings are what drives us to be so “happy.” Even though we loathe misery, there is a hole in our heart that longs for that feeling; pain is a drug that numbs like no other.

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