"Five Senses" challenge chain by James

Walking into the deep of the forest, you can hardy recognize the direction and accurate position. The sky, embellished by brilliant stars, is almost covered by numerous chumps of lofty trees. With deadly silence, through the dim light you can faintly tell whether you are treading upon the rock road or muddy ground. The sound of your step is quite clear. Feeling nervous and flustered, with owls hooting continually, you thought the effective way to get rid of your anxiety is to come off this horrible place as soon as possible.

For the next writing the sequel, please choose one of these senses below to start with.
1. The smell of sweat in summer
2. The song “Stronger”
3. The feeling of being pricked by a cactus
4. The taste of pork liver
5. The scene of sea level

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