The Great Work

The entire room was filled with an enormous machine, made up of bronze gears and tubes engraved with ancient symbols. No one fully knew what they meant anymore but the books of the ancestors of the House of Hermes at least gave some clues in their cryptic verse. The machine made the frail old man sitting in the chair in the center seem that much smaller.

A small blonde girl, no older than six, was rushing about the room twisting dials and pouring glowing liquids into the tubes. “I hope that you are aware of what would happen to you if this were to fail.”

“One does not pursue the Great Work as long as I without being aware of the risks, child” said the old man. The child girl raised her eyebrows but said nothing. She pulled the last lever and stepped into the door of the room.

The tubes began to glow with a red light as the liquid flowed through them. The gears ground with a hideous screech. The symbols painted in charcoal on the old man’s face glowed. “I remember now. She is in the Nameless Land.”

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