Five Senses

In a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sky outside is crystal clear and the radio in Ronnie’s living room is playing the song " One Fine Day." Ronnie smiles at the pile of lemons in the kitchen which will be made of cupcakes later. Everything seems to be so carefree, and even better with the fresh smell of lemons around the kitchen. Ronnie uses her finger to try the taste of honey her mom gave her yesterday and then start making cupcakes which will be the dessert in tomorrow’s birthday party. When Ronnie is pouring the flour out to the bowl, the phone ring. “Hi, I just want to make sure that the party tomorrow is held on the beach.” said by one of Ronnie’s friends. “Yes, because Angel doesn’t like the idea of having a barbecue in the forest.S he hates the darkness of the forest.” “It’s quite good. Imagine walking on the beach, you can enjoy the sand, the water and the sun, and even the feeling of walking barefoot on the pebbles. How wonderful. You planned a terrific birthday party, Ronnie.”

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