Five Senses by Jefferson

I stepped in the dark forest. Nothing’s in sight; I can’t even see my grasping hands as I’m trying to place my hand on whatever is in front. After certain seconds, I see huge trunks. Their raising branches stretch out everywhere, some of which to the darkness of the forest. I sneak carefully, watching steps for fear there’s root or rock that will tumble me over. Soon after, I stop for something unsure ahead. It’s a horse with a horn on its head─ it’s a unicorn. It is so snow white that it seems to be glittering. I see it pacing agilely, solemn like a gentleman; elegant like a lady. I follow it to a lake shore. The lake is crystal clear. It reflects all the surroundings clearly, like there’s an apposite world in it. Though it is located in the center of the forest, it is not that dark as those I meet in the beginning. Along the shore are colorful blooming flowers. The scene is fantastic, like a wonderland in my hazy dream.

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