INTERWRIT2 Exercise: Sequel to a Stranger

The original story on Ficly: (The Ocean)

My sequal of the story:
At the beginning of the prom, Tina, a girl who was invited by Leo, was coming. She wore a beautiful white frock and high-heeled shoes. When she was coming to prom, it took everyone’s breath away. She was just like a princess. She was so pretty and elegant. When she stood by Leo, Leo was also amazed at her good-looking. Then they started dancing. After they ended their dancing, Leo brought Tina to a garden. Then Leo said “I have something to tell you. Maybe after you hearing my words, you will reject me. But I don’t care! I just want you to know my mind. Something I want to say I love you! Are you willing to be my girlfriend?” Tina was just surprised for a while and then she said “Yes!” to Leo.

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