Five Senses by Erica, Group Member #1

You and me, taking a walk in the park . I cherished the moment because I knew, it might be the last time. You didn’t say anything. Me,either.

I took off my shoes, and you still said nothing. I stepped on the pebbles and took several treads. But somehow I felt nothing. I kept walking and walking.

I stared at the rainy sky, which seemed to weep over me. I smelled the rain, the familiar scent. The first day we met was like this. I tasted the rain. It was salty.

“But… is rain salty?”
I suddenly realized," It was not the rain. It was my tear."

It has been three months, since you left. My heart was bleeding, which capped the hurt caused by the peddles. I miss you so much.

Please pick one as your topic:
1. The smell of your favorite food
2. The feeling of infection
3. The taste of the ocean
4. The harshness of light

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