One Fine Day

I don’t believe love at first sight, and you were so a normal person, thin and tan; but as hard as this was for me to admit, when your eyes passed mine, I couldn’t help but shift mine elsewhere, while my heart was drawn to your direction. My hear was burning. “Was it melting?” I thought. You didn’t, nobody did broke my heart, but why I felt it breaking. One side of it was pulling the other. They were like boxing, and there were fierce bumps left and right, back and force, up and down, and everywhere. “Would you please look at me once more?” I prayed like madly. Oh! I believe I truly was! I would wait till you watch me again! Just message me, and I would be pleased! Oh! As hard as this was for me to admit, there was this song shoobied and doowoped my heart everytime I saw your smile. “One day the smile shall be for me, and only me.” I murmured and then giggled. I may never try to make it real. I don’t believe love at first sight. I’d rather keep it this way: whenever I think of you…it shoobies and doowops.

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