Escape Foiled

I rounded the Italian restaurant. It had closed for the night. Too bad, because I know Amato would have driven this beast off. My wrists stung. My mouth was dry. How long had I been tied up? I could still taste the cotton gag.

Heavy footsteps beat a rhythm behind me, picking up speed to round the corner after me. Nowhere to hide in the alley to my right. I dared not look behind.

I crossed the street at a breakneck pace, hoping a truck would come and flatten the goon behind me. Not even a car honked this late at night. My head throbbed and my chest hurt. I wasn’t sure my legs would keep pumping for much longer.

The next alley looked promising, I hung a sharp left. A low growl sounded over my shoulder as a flying leap brought my pursuer’s arms around my waist and pulled me down. My head smacked the ground and my inner eyelids sparkled with dancing stars.

Roughly, I was pulled up. The world spun and my legs gave way. He hefted me over a shoulder. This is it, I thought. I’m going to die.

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