The Feeling.

She can’t describe the feeling.

There are no words. no synonyms or acronyms to explain it.
It’s just…hurt.
Hurt to the core of her being.
Sometimes it hurts so bad she can’t breathe; she can’t focus or think about anything else.
It’s everywhere, the hurt.
It never lets her get away.
Sometimes, she’s alright;
Strong and triumphant about it all.
But she is never alright for very long.
It sinks beneath her skin, cripples her muscles, and infests itself into her bones.
She can feel it. Every bit of it.
It leaves her aching and unable to move, so she stays. She embraces it.
She knows she can’t fight it.
She lets it slip into every crevice of her being, every inch of her soul.
She knows it better than anything.
She lets it take her until she’s convulsing and sobbing hysterically.
She lets it unleash its full effect on hereto teach her a lesson she thought she already knew.

Yet none of this is an adequate description of the feeling.

It never lets her get away.

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