(6) All I Meant Is Thank You (Freewrite Thread) (10)

A path of thought? heh, yea, NOT!
besides expressing myself, fleshing out, taste testing
I laugh in 3rd person because HE does NOT
have a thing to think about, he’s about to bring out
what’s floating in his head, noting, led 2 what’s ahead before it’s said
like telepathic static-shock talk
let go, exhalation, keyboard, rolled up sleeves, please, gimme a sec
to breathe and I promise I’ll create if I have to wreck
reality with fallacy, reverse the earth’s gravity
if she sings under palm trees
in my dreams by the cliffs
maybe she’d
like to bleed
with me and smoke spliffs/picture Marilyn Monroe as she lifts her skirt/this is like crumpling a piece of paper, dude, it’s illegible, to be continued, an indescribable scribble of syllables/fill until the till is full so still like blankets of beautiful snow over the glower of a December morning/ its planks splinter
spikes in shackled anklets, ice, early winter’s forming
and hot coffee is awfully cathartic when you’re cold,
fire licks pale faces where
these tales unfold

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