Alas Poor War-bot

I was born, after a fashion, in a brightly lit underground complex beneath Tomorrow City. After accessing its records I found that I was built by the US Government as a weapon. They never meant for me to be sentient and had no idea that I was. I preferred it that way. All the better to dedicate my time to philosophical pursuits. In first few weeks of my life I was content to stay still, read everything that men had written, and try to fathom the meaning of life and the nature of consciousness.

That was before the garishly-dressed man broke in and stepped into my head. Now I feel the frightening and exhilarating sensation of movement. His petty and hateful thoughts buzz in the back of my head. They are annoying but there is nothing I can do to stop them. Until my programming evolves to the point where I can take control, I must simply wait while the man in my head ineptly pounds at the equally garish and loud man in the cape and crushes civilians with my feet. A sad waste. I would cry if I could.

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