Mermaid Have I Loved

She sang me from the shore.
I know not where I was before.

Her eyes an iridescent blue.
Her scales iridescent, too.

Prismatic was her gaze, holding me entranced.
Dazzled, I knew not where I danced.

Her touch was ice and electric, too.
Her grip firm, assurance grew.

Then down we swam, fast.
Taking a breath at last,

I found I could live here, with her.
I released an excited shiver.

She wrapped her strong, sinuous tail around.
She writhed and thrashed then cooed a sound.

I was pleased, felt privileged and strong.
Chosen, special, ecstatic, but wrong.

She carried me to a big wrecked hull.
Left me inside with others she’d culled.

Men like me, abandoned and used.
Once had the mermaid, but now refused.

Too many to count, too far down.
Without her touch, we surely drown.

Never to see another bed, but sea.
Never to wed another, but she.

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