No Time For Assumptions

Dear Sir,

We have met. You granted my previous application to travel back in time. I read through your fine print and nothing says that I can’t go back again. I’m afraid I have to.

You see, and this is embarrassing, but I may have violated a no-contact rule by removing a piece of history. It’s like a lie by omission. I need to go back and replace what I took.

In my previous adventure, I traveled down the Amazon with a crew searching for the Fountain of Youth, which as you know, we found. Unfortunately, we also discovered the rubber tree and I mistakenly thought this was not the time for its discovery and destroyed the evidence that eventually would have made rubber tires, rubber bands, and laytex gloves.. and well, you see where this is going.

My wife and I now have a van with wooden tires and 6 kids.

Please let me right this grievous mistake!

Humbly Yours,
Mistaken Traveler

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