Kuiper Cowboy: Six Shooter Therapy

Remmi broke the silence, “Gentelmen, surely there must be some mistake?”

“The computer doesn’t lie!” blurted the dandy as he thumbed the console in front of him, signaling the sheriff.

Remmi had to think fast. He computed only one course of action that would get him out of the bar without getting caught. He stood up and drew his six shooter, and pointed it at the fat man across from him. The room quieted.

The dandy laughed, “Your circuits must be fried if you think you can hurt us with that!” His pistol was old by todays standards.

“I may not be able to hurt you.” He squeezed the trigger four times. Each shot thundered in the small bar and destroyed a small device near each of his opponents. Smoke floated out of the barrel as their holograms all winked out of existence. They would be pissed, but they were miles away, still alive.

“But I can sure make myself feel better.”

As Remmi headed for the door his com beeped. He activated the transmission.

“Ya, what do you want?”

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